Because Geodan attaches such value to innovation and research, we have established a special team of experts in various fields whose task, in relation to innovation and research, is to identify and analyze the latest developments in the field of GIS and Geo ICT, Advanced User Interaction, mobile applications, open source and open standards. On this site you can find various examples of our work.

The study team distributes the knowledge and latest insights acquired within Geodan, for example in the form of internal workshops and by building prototypes. The Geodan researchers are also often involved in regular Geodan projects. For example, the Eagle One contingency plan exercise, in which Geodan plays the role of integrator for Geo ICT components. Our researchers are involved as consultants in various subjects including secure data communication and the use of the TouchTable.

As you can see, at Geodan, research and innovation are not merely words but are fundamental elements in our organisation. The research policy at Geodan is implemented by Geodan S&R.

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